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Romeo and Juliet- Our III Student Lead Discussion!

Our Student Led Discussion and The

Word Web!

This is a video of our student led class discussion on the book we are reading; Romeo and Juliet. We are discussing the third act of the book. we are discussing the scenes  and how each of us interpreted each scene. This discussion lasted 30 minutes and at the end the other half of the class who did not participate in our discussion gave us constructive feedback and good feedback.


Lannisters I, Act III SLD WEB-1

This is a picture of something we call a word web. It is used to mark whenever someone speaks to another student or makes a statement about the discussion. All the lines represent whenever someone talks. If you have a lot of lines it means you need to work on listening and if you have very few lines you need to work on talking.


My evaluation of The Student Led


During the class discussion I think that I had some valuable points that I made so I think I spoke quite well. I also made an attempt to bring Manya into the discussion which I think was good.

There are two parts to communicating; Talking and listening. I think that the part I most need to improve on is listening because from looking at the word web I can see that I spoke too much so I need to improve on listening to other people and not just talking all the time.

I also think that when I tried to bring Manya into the discussion it was quite an obvious attempt. Next time I think that if I were to do that again I need to be less obvious.

I think that when you are studying literature and after you read an act of the book it think that having student lead discussions are much better than just having a test on that act because you show yourself what and how much you have learnt during the discussion. I think if after you read an act of a book and you take a comprehension test you don’t really see how much you have learnt. After the discussions you surprise yourself and feel that you have learnt a lot while reading the book. This is why I feel that studying literature in this way instead of doing tests most classes is much better.






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