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Periodic Table.

In this periodic table of monsters:
The arms = protons
The mouths = electrons
The tongues = energy levels
The eyes = neutrons
The fangs = valence electrons

The elements 3,11,19 are in the group: alkali metals
4, 12 is an alkali earth metals.
13 is an poor metal.
6 is an non metal.
5, 14, 7, 15, 8,16, 9, 17 semi metal
2, 10, 18 are noble gasses.

In the third energy level you can actually have up to 18 electrons. This therefore means that you take the element and you put two electrons on the first shell and then you put the eight on the second shell. For the elements before 21 you then could only have eight electrons in the third shell and then two on the outside. But once you go above 20 you take the electrons, you put two in the first shell, then 8 in the second shell. Draw the third shell for now but leave it empty and then you add the two on the fourth shell. Then you go back in and fill the rest of the electrons in on the third shell. This is called backfilling.

Explanatory paragraph:

So in the actual periodic table, in say the third element which is my third monster there are 3 protons which are the amount of mouths I have (3), 3 electrons which are the amount of arms I have (3), the atomic mass is 6 which are the amount of legs (6) I have. The tongues are the amount of energy levels. I have 3 tongues and this is the amount of energy levels there are in the third element. The eyes are the amount of neutrons I have and in the third element I have 3 eyes for the three neutrons, I then also have fangs and the fangs represent the amount of valence electrons. I have 3 fangs on the third monster and that is the amount of valence electrons in the third element.

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