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My Process Journal!

My Process Journal!

22nd of October 2013

Humanities: Mr. Johnson explained to us the humanities part of the create stage in the interdisciplinary unit. He spoke to us about the project and explained what we had to do to get full marks. Then we all began working on the project. I didn’t face any problems today when Mr. Johnson was talking to me or when I had started the project I just answered the questions that we were given on the document whilst looking at the rubric.

DT:  In DT Mr. Thorburn explained to me, because I am new about all of the materials in the DT lab, and then we began building our products. I think that I shall need more time for measuring out all of my pieces. My frame is now going be 14cm, which is 140 mm instead of 15cm, which is 150mm because there is not enough plywood for that in the DT lab. I think that I am doing well with the project.

Science: Today Mr. Herrmann explained to us about the online Mr. Herrmann’s notebook and the questions we had to answer in order to get full marks in the project. We didn’t work on the scientific part of the project in class.

23rd of October 2013

Humanities: Mr. Johnson today explained to us why we had to re-do parts of the research stage of the project and about our blogs. He told us that he would re-grade the projects when the whole thing was finished.

Science: Alin and I started working on our table for our inclined planes experiment we have to do, and then we started measuring and calculating things about our different inclined planes.

DT: I was set straight to work on my project. I had to alter the machine a bit. I have had to alter the lever because the dowel that I am using is quite small so I can not drill a hole through it therefore I have had to use a small piece of cardboard with a hole in it which a nut and bolt will fit through to connect the blade to the machine. Today I also tested that my stand would fit and it was bigger than the main frame so it actually worked as a stand and it does.

Photo on 10-30-13 at 9.40 AM

This is when i had finished cutting the base and the main frame of my machine.

Photo on 10-30-13 at 9.39 AM

This is when I was measuring the length of dowel I needed to use for my lever and so it would be long enough to fill the width of my main frame.

Photo on 10-30-13 at 9.44 AM

This is when I was making sure the dowel did fit and it did.

25th of October 2013

DT: I wasn’t in school today so I could not build any of my project.

Humanities: Today I worked on fixing research for Mr. Johnson. I read his comments and started improving the work for him.

Science: Today I was not in school but I worked on the scientific application at home.

26th of October 2013

Today I was in Ireland so I did not get a chance to do any work

27th of October 2013

Today I was in Ireland so I did not get a chance to do any work

28th of October 2013

Today we weren’t in school because of a teacher training day but I worked on the Humanities and the Scientific Application parts of the project.

29th of October 2013

Today we weren’t in school because it was republic day and we had a holiday.

31st October 2013

DT: Today Mr. Thorburn let us get straight to work on building our projects, I firstly measured out the component parts of my cradle (now instead of me bending the plastic I glue three pieces if plastic together, the bottom part with two sides like a box without a top.) Then filed all of the sides of the cradle down until they were more a less straight and then I glued the plastic together.

Photo on 10-31-13 at 11.43 AM

This was when I was gluing one side of my eggs cradle to the base of the cradle.

Photo on 10-31-13 at 11.44 AM

This is when I was filing down all the sides of the cradle.

Photo on 10-31-13 at 11.11 AM

This was when I had finished gluing the cradle all together.

Photo on 10-31-13 at 11.52 AM

This was when I had finished making sure that the cradle would fit all the way across the width of the eggs hole.

Humanities: today Mr. Johnson let us get straight to work on our projects and answered some questions we had to ask.

Science: Today we did not have a science class so I did not get a chance to work on this part of the project.

The 2nd of November 2013:

Humanities: Today Mr. Johnson helped me with embedding the prezi’s which I have made on simple machines into my website. We used the html of the prezi and copied and pasted it onto the text part of my website and it worked. Mr. Johnson also helped me with changing the theme of my website and we came up with questions we wanted to ask Mr. Davis about wordpress because we are having a wordpress tutorial on Monday. I am finding this part of the project relatively easy and I will definitely meet the deadline.

The 3rd of November:

DT: Today I painted my machine and I will bring it in to work on it more tomorrow. I also worked on my website. I am on task and I will definitely meet the due date. Before I painted the machine I tested that the paint wasn’t toxic by looking at the paint tin and it is not toxic.

Humanities: Today I finished the humanities part of the project and I also worked on the website. I got help from Mr. Johnson as he was coming around the classroom and he helped me with the website and changing the theme

Science: I worked on my website for my project and Mr. Herrmann came around and helped me with it. I am definitely on target and I think that I get a lot of work done in each class.

The 4th of November:

Today I had no humanities, DT or science classes. I worked on the scientific application part of the project and the website at home. I think I am on track because I still have quite a lot of time left and not a completely huge amount to do. 

The 5th of November

Today we didn’t go to school but instead we went to a mechanisms museum and we saw how different mechanisms worked in different ways in different machines. For example today I saw that in a motor there were cams used which I did not know before.

These are some of the pictures from the museum

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 2.14.17 PM

This is an engine on an old steam train.

a film on an engine

Click on the link to watch the video.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 2.13.46 PM

This is an old aeroplane with propellers. If the wedge wasn’t invented then planes wouldn’t have been either because the propellers on the first planes are actually wedges.

The 6th of November 2013

DT: Today we worked on our process journals in DT because Mr. Thorburn was giving the rest of the class their grades and he explained to us if we were un-happy with our grades to go and talk to him.

Science: Today Mr. Herrmann told us to make a table for the experiment on inclined planes which we did. Then after we did that he told us to go and look at his computer and to see the “ideal” data which if we had done the experiment perfectly and extremely carefully we would have gotten this data. Then we had to go and sit down and evaluate what we saw by answering the evaluation questions. Then after everyone had finished making their graphs we split up into two groups and conducted a lever experiment with washers and hangers. The aim of the experiment was to figure out how to balance different amounts of washers on two hangers on a lever with only knowing how many washers and hangers we have and then jot down the outcome. Today I got started on the evaluation stage of my scientific application and I think that in the scientific part of the project I am on track and I will definitely meet the deadline. During science I had a bit of trouble figuring out where we had gone wrong when calculating the amounts for our lever experiment. I asked Mr. Herrmann and he explained that it was a bit of a guessing game so I figured that it must have been the effort force and effort distance that we went wrong on because they were the most unrealistic figures that we had compared to the ideal experiment. I worked on the rest of the scientific application at home as well.

Humanities: Today we did not have this class and because I have finished this part of the project I did not do any of it at home.


The of 7th November 2013:

Humanities: Today in humanities Mr. Johnson wasn’t there so our substitute teacher told us that Mr. Johnson had told her to let just work on our projects. I am going to review my humanities part of this project and see if I can make it more in depth over the weekend and I am also going to review the humanities part of research because I need to fix the rest of it.

DT: Today we did not have DT so I could not work on building my project. I still have glue my stand and the main frame together and then I have to enlarge the eggs hole. I also have to attach the blade to lever on the machine.

Science: Today in science we worked on our lever experiment again because it turns out that yesterday none of us got the correct data as Mr. Herrmann explained to us, we measured how far away the hangers and washers were from the pivot by the holes which were drilled into the lever but it turns out that the distance between the pivot and the first hole are halve the distance between all the other holes so we had to redo the experiment. We did not measure by the holes this time we measured each distance in centimetres. I still have to finish my process journal and the scientific application. I think I am on track and will definitely meet the due date.

The 8th of November:

DT: Today in DT we I enlarged my circle for the egg because when I tested it out I figured that the circle was too small for my egg to fit into.

This is me filing down the rough edges of the circle after I enlarged it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 2.30.06 PM

10th of November 2013

Humanities: Today I worked on the historic investigation part if the humanities. I previously thought I was finished but I read through it again and realised that for certain parts of it I didn’t have enough information on it or it wasn’t as in depth as it needed to be. Then I asked my mum what she thought about it and she said that she thought It was very in depth and well written but to look at the rubric and see how the teacher is going to mark it. She also said that some of it didn’t make sense and to fix that.

11th of November 2013

DT: Today I re-painted my machine with its last coat of paint.

Science: Today I worked on my photo journal during science.

12th of November 2013

Science: We didn’t have science today.

Humanities: We didn’t have humanities today but when I showed my mum this part of the project and she gave me a few pointers on the industrial revolution part of the project.

DT: Today Mr. Thorburn showed us some damage that was done to a desk beside the sink and then he asked whoever did it to own up. we were then put to work. I first enlarged my egg hole with a file for the last time and then I glued the last main frame of the machine to the base and stand of the machine. When I got into class today I found out that my cradle had broken so I had to re-glue it. First I filed the excess glue off each of the individual piece of the cradle and I then stuck them together again with hot glue.

13th of November 2013:

DT: today we didn’t have DT today and I didn’t construct any part of the project at home because I do not have any of the correct tools at home.

Science: Today we didn’t have Science.

Humanities: Today we didn’t have Humanities.

14th of November 2013

DT: Today during DT we had assembly so I couldn’t build my machine.

Science: Today during science I asked Mr. Herrmann to give me feedback on the scientific application for my project, which he did, and I now know what I have to fix for it in order to get full marks.

Humanities: Today during humanities we had a very big talk on the project and how some people are using the fact that the project is hard and big as an excuse in order not to do it or make a half attempt at it.

15th of November 2013

DT: Today we didn’t have DT so I couldn’t build my machine. I thought I would be finished building my machine by now but I am not because of problems such as the paint being smudged on my machine when I get to school from being in a bag with all the other parts of my machine, and then I also had to enlarge the eggs hole a few times. But I think I shall be finished the building in the next class of DT I have because I only have to stick all parts of the machine together.

Science: Today I didn’t have science but I worked on my scientific application and will fix it according to Mr. Herrmann’s feedback.

Humanities: Today I had a double humanities and I worked on correcting the parts of humanities that my mum told me I could have made better. I also got feedback for the development part of the project and I think that I will have the project finished. I have faced a few challenges with this part of the project, especially the industrial revolution part because, I didn’t really know very much about this time period so I had to a lot of investigating into the subject. I found writing about the renaissance quite easy because we did the whole renaissance in an extreme detail last year in my old school so I knew quite a lot of background information on it but I found looking into the wedge in the renaissance and incorporating it slightly more tricky.

The 17th of November 2013

Today I completed the humanities part of the project and I completed the feedback Mr. Herrmann gave me on the project. I could not complete any building of my machine because I do not have any of the correct tools at home to do so.

The 18th of November 2013

Science: Today we had a double science and during the first period I asked Mr. Herrmann for feedback a second time. I did this to make sure I had understood his feedback correctly and improved the scientific section of the project correctly.

Humanities: Today I did not have humanities class.

DT: Today I had a shortened class of DT and I am pretty confident that I am going to have my machine in on the deadline. All I have to do now is enlarge my egg hole once again and glue my cradle on. Today I also tested if my machine would fit in a standard kitchen cupboard and it did.

19th of November 2013

Science: Today Mr. Herrrmann wasn’t in today but we worked on the construction phase of the project and seeing as I am a bit behind on the building part of my project I went down to the DT lab and I worked for about 10 mins in some of my building and then I came back up to the class and worked on my process journal.

20th of November 2013

DT: today i finished building my machine in DT and I handed it in to Mr. Thorburn. I also finished writing my process journal today.

humanities; Today I put the finishing touches on my humanities part of the project I went through it once more to make sure that it was perfect and then I uploaded onto my website.

science: Today we did not have a class. At home I put the finishing touches on my scientific part of my project and I uploaded it onto my website.

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