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My Mystery Story – Behind the Scenes :)

My Mystery!!


Reflection – Did the Mystery Self-Study and your understanding of the elements of mysteries help you write a better story? Why or why not?

Well I think that the Mystery Self-Study and my understanding of the elements of mysteries helped me write a good Mystery story because without these understandings, my story would not be nearly as good as it is. Before we learnt about the elements of mysteries, I didn’t even know that in order to technically have a book which qualifies as a mystery story you have to involve certain elements. Without these elements, your story probably wouldn’t be as structured, or contain everything needed for a good mystery novel. The mystery self studies also helped me when writing, because I could refer back to that and see for example, terms I could use, or to check that I had actually used all of the necessary elements. I really enjoyed writing and learning about the Genre of Mystery and in my free time I may begin writing my own novel!


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