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Great Age of Exploration- Video Questions

Great Age of Exploration- Vide Questions


1: The Native Americans resent the fact that Columbus was glorified for so long about finding america because he didn’t think he had found america he thought that he had found India.


2. So many people think that columbus shouldn’t be credited for discovering America because he died thinking that he had discovered another way to get to India and actually never realised that it was America he had found.


3. In the 1400’s there was very little communication and trade between countries. countries benefit from this because with this trade they then have different food, clothes, materials and spices.

3b. These trade exchanges were damaging countries and people (christians) because the Muslims controlled the silk road and the Muslims did not particularly like the Christians. so therefore in order to let the Christians pass to get into india and china to trade they had to pay lots of tax on whatever they bought. from the Mediterranean sea ports the muslims would also only let the merchants from the city states Verona and Genoa by their merchandise this was because they were two very wealthy states.

4. In the15th and the 16th centuries some of the greatest differences between the Europeans and the Native Americans were that the the Native Americans were tribal people and the Europeans weren’t. The Native Americans were also nomadic people.

5. The europeans thought that the they were better that the Africans because of their kin colour.

6. One of the biggest changes during the Great Age of Exploration was the bug shift in population. This was because the africans were brought over as slaves and kept in great poverty.

7. The restrictions on trade with the far east helped initiate the Great Age of Exploration because seeing as the muslims wouldn’t let the Christians across the boarders to trade with China and India without them having to pay huge taxes on whatever they bought. so therefore the christians wanted to find an alternative route to get to india and china to trade with them directly and not having to pay the muslims huge taxes.

8. Some of the factors unique to the renaissance which helped propel the great age of exploration were; the thirst for knowledge, to spread religion and glory.

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