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Contrast V.S Value.

1. Take a photo of your best blind contour drawing, and post it on your blog.

Photo on 5-5-14 at 2.49 PM

2. Explain what a blind contour is.

Blind Contour is when you don’t look at what you are drawing, you look at the thing you are drawing. So for example, if I was doing a blind contour of my hand, I would only look at my hand, not at the paper on which I’m drawing.

3. Take a photo of your best modified contour drawing.

Photo on 5-5-14 at 2.45 PM

4. Explain the difference between blind and modified contour drawings.

The difference between blind and contour drawings are; when you are doing a blind contour drawing, you are not allowed to look at the paper. But when you are doing a modified contour drawing, you are allowed to look at the paper on which you are drawing on.

5. What Element of Art do you use in contour drawing?

When you complete a contour drawing, you use Line as the element of art. Line is when you do not use shading, it is when you just use lines.

6. How do you feel these contour exercises helped you grow as an artist?

The contour exercises helped me grow as an artist because it showed me how much shading is needed and used in drawings. It helped me as an artist and it showed me how to shade and make things look circular and really real. If I hadn’t completed these exercises, I would not be nearly as good of an artist as I now. 

7. Take a photo of your value scale and sphere drawing.

I was absent when these were completed.

8. Explain what value is (hint: it’s also an Art Element!).

Value is the concept of light and darkness. It is used in paintings when you need to create shadows. So if you are drawing a flower and it has shadows underneath it, you would use value to help you create these shadows. The value scale is a scale which has everything from white to black in it and it helps you shade things. 

9. How does value affect a drawing or painting?

Value can make things look more 3D when you are drawing because when you are shading it can help a lot. If you draw something just with an outline and without any shading, it doesn’t look nearly as real as when you draw something with value. It also makes things look more 3D because nothing really has a definite straight line. Value helps you show this using shadows. Different things have different lightness and darknesses. Value can help you when looking at a painting and trying to make everything the right shades of colour. 

10. How did creating the value scale and sphere exercise help you grow as an artist?

I did not create a value scale because I was absent.

11. Take a photo of your value drawing.

Photo on 5-5-14 at 2.50 PM

12. What medium (materials) did you use?

The materials I used were; charcoal and chalk. The difference between these are: charcoal has a black colour and chalk is white in colour. They were both very helpful when I was trying to shade and create different scales of value. 

13. Find three things you found challenging about this exercise.

Three things I found challenging about this exercise were; 1. I found it very hard to get the correct colouring of the different parts of the sun flower. 2. I found it hard to create the shadow underneath the sunflower because I tried to have the shadow curving, but this is not what it does so I started again and I got it right the second time.  3. I found it hard to see where all the different shadows were at times. I missed out the small details some of the time. 

14. How did you overcome these challenges, or how do you plan to overcome these challenges in the next assignment?

In my next assignment (the fish) I am going to pay much more attention to the fish as a whole then just little parts at different times. I am also going to pay more attention to detail and to the different shapes of the fish. I would also like to get the shadowing correct and use many more different shades of value.  

15. What is your goal for the next value drawing (The Fish)?

My goal for the next drawing (the fish) is to make it look as real as possible and for it to actually look like the fish I will dissect. I also want the fish to look as three dimensional as possible. When I am drawing my fish I want it to look real, like it could jump off the page at you. 

16. How do you plan to achieve this goal?

I plan to achieve this goal by working very hard and focusing on my fish while drawing it. I will pay close attention to detail, shapes, shading, and using different scales of value. I will try to perfect the shading so it looks as three dimensional as possible. 

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