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Guidelines for Posts & Pages

Guidelines for Creating Posts and Pages

  • As a student, web content creator, and blogger, I understand the need to take great care when using blogs, forums and social interaction sites such as WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Information that is posted onto such sites and email is not secure or private, for example photos or information I may have written may be posted onto a site and copied by other persons and reposted/redistributed elsewhere.
  • Blogs are public, so write in a way that you will be comfortable with anybody reading your work (friends, teachers, parents, etc.).
  • Even if you delete information from your blog, Google makes copies that can be retrieved.  It is always there and can never be erased once it is on the internet.
  • If you use someone else’s ideas or words, put those ideas in quotes.  Cite the source by including the name and URL of the source; hyperlink to the source. OR use MLA style.

Guidelines for Commenting on Blogs, Posts, and Pages

  • Read your classmate and teachers blogs to give you ideas for your own writing.
  • When you comment on another person’s blog, you can have a conversation and make new friends.
  • Always write comments that friends, teachers and parents can read.  You never know who will read your comments.
  • It is good practice reply to comments on your own blog.

Adapted from: http://publicrelationsmatters.com/2009/05/18/guidelines-for-student-blogging/

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