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Réfléchie – Lettre Officielle.

Dans ma premier lettre officielle, c’est beaucoup d’errors. Ma grammaire c’est bon, mais je voudrais être ma grammaire mieux. Par example, j’utilise le nourriture tout au long de lettre, et la nourriture c’est correct.   

Dans ma lettre, je ne utilise pas beaucoup de connecteurs, et alors le prochaine fois, j’ai besoin de utiliser plus de connecteurs. J’ai besoin de utiliser plus de temps dans mes lettres aussi, parce que, j’utilise le passe composer, le conditionnel et le present, mais je n’utilise pas l’imparfait etc. 

Le prochaine fois, j’ai besoin de écrire à la correct personne. Dans ca lettre, je ne spécifie pas qui j’écris à. Alors pour le prochaine fois, je n’ai pas oublier les points. 

Merci pour la lecture ma réfléchie. 

Lettre Officialle.

Rachael Pye
Alkent 22

Monsieur Directeur D’Asure
L’école International
Le vingt neuf Avril, deux mille quinze

Monsieur Directeur D’Asure,
Je m’appelle Rachael Pye. Je suis une élève d’IICS. Je vous écris environ la nourriture à l’école. Les élèves au IICS ils ne sont pas heureux avec la nourriture à l’école. Alors j’amerais vous dire des recomendations.

Priemierment, au école, la nourriture c’est ennuyeux parce que c;est un petit choix de nourriture chaque jour. Nour aimerons pouvoir choisir la nourriture differént car quand la nourriture c;est mal et ennuyeux jour après jour. Alors je recommende, que tu créer plus d’option.

Mais l’année deirnier, la nourriture c’estait très mal, alors maintenant, la nourriture c’est mieux mais il n’est pas plus bon.

J’aime la nourriture souvent, mais souvent c;est très horrible. Aussi des persons d’Asure c;est malheureaux toujours et ils ne parlons pas Anglais. Alors nous ne pourrais pas dire quoi nous voudrions.

Alors j’ai beaucoup de recommendations beaucoup le menu.

Des bonbons
Des frites
Des fruite frais
Du sushi
Des oranges avec du nutella
Et le petit dejuner.

Où je recommende un compétition pour une menu de la catine. Des élèves écrievent une menu pour la cafeteria, et puis votre companie choisissent votre favori menu.

Je n;aime pas nourriture d’école alors chanfer la nourriture et le menu!! Nous aimerait la nourriture asiatique, European etc. parce que nous sommes une école internationl.

S’il vous plais écouter de les suggestion s’il vous plait, parce que nous n’aimons pas le nourriture en ce moment, c’est un petit peut horrible.

Je vous prie d’agréer Moniseur Directeur d’Asure l’expression des mes sentiments distingues.


Rachael Pye.

French – School Presentation Reflection.

In my opinion I did quite well on this presentation. I think I demonstrated my range of vocabulary well and I made few mistakes. Other than saying there were 5000 student in IICS and saying Cross-Country instead of le course a pied, I don’t think I made many language/grammatical errors.

I really enjoyed making and doing this presentation. I think I performed well.

Criteria C

  • Understanding/interaction: How well do you respond to stimuli and surprise questions?
  • Message: How well do you express your ideas and feelings?

In my opinion I expressed my opinions well as I explained about how I felt about different things throughout the presentation.

  • Context: Do you adapt your language depending on what you are writing/ saying and who to?

Throughout the presentation, I used many different pronouns, and when using them, I conjugated correctly. I don’t think I made many grammatical mistakes for this part.

Criteria D

  • Organization: Do you organize and link your ideas?  

I used many different connecters, but in future, I need to use a wider range of them. I linked my ideas well but as I said before, I need to use a wider range of connecters.

  • Language: Do you use appropriate vocabulary and correct verbs?

I think I used quite a wide range of vocabulary and many different verb. I don’t think I incorrectly conjugated many verbs. I used many different negatives and tenses throughout my presentation.

  • How clear is your speech?

I think my speech was a little bit to rough at times as I really needed some water. But overall I don’t think it impeded the listeners understanding.



Présentation du Collège.

IICS est un collège mixte. Je pense qu’il y a cent quinze élevés environ. Le bâtiment est petit, un petit peu vieux mais moderne, mais l’jardin, c’est très grand. Il y a un gymnase, un terrain de sport, un Bakkal, un cafeteria, beaucoup les salles de classes etc. J’aime ça parce que, il rend l’école une très heureux lieu. Il y a ; jouer au basket, faire du volleyball, cross-country, danser, table tennis, jouer au foot, robotiques etc après l’école après l’école. Mais, il dependent sur le jour. C’est un orchestra, une chorale, des équipes de foot/de badminton. Etc. Nous avons une cantine, nous mangeons notre déjeuner là. C’est une magazine, il s’appelle « The Bakkal », et dans « The Bakkal » nous achetons chocolat ou des bonbon ou un casse-croûte. J’aime IICS, parce que c’est très amical!!!


Réflection Unité 2

Réfection fur chaque évaluation.

Qu’est – ce que tu as bien fait?
Qu’est – ce que tu pouvais améliore?

Critère A : – Comprehending spoken and visual text
I listened and understood mostly everything from the video
I understood most of the questions, but as the people in the video were talking so quickly, it was hard to understand and answer the questions.
In order to improve, next time i will slow down and listen to the video more closely and I will try to understand the answers to the questions better.

Critère B : Comprehending written and visual text :
I understood the questions, I just and a problem when I went to reply. I made lots of silly mistakes and this is something I need to fix. To improve for next time, I will do some extra exercises which madame Chotard will give me and this will help me bring up my grade. I will also make sure that I know my vocabulary 100% and hopefully, next time we have a test, I will improve a lot.

Critère C : – comprehending written and visual text
I understood the stimulus, and I understood what we needed to write about. Yet when i went to write it, i found that the topic I had chosen was good but i didn’t go into enough detail so it was hard for the reader to understand what i was talking about in places. So in future I need to go into further detail to demonstrate my understanding of the topic.

Critère D : using language in spoken and written form.

When I was responding to the email, I chose a good topic, but I did not go into enough detail when responding. In future I need to find a topic which I have a good amount of vabulary to use for, and I need to go into more detail when discuassing it.

Romeo and Juliet!

Our Student Led Discussion and The

Word Web!

This is a video of our student led class discussion on the book we are reading; Romeo and Juliet. We are discussing the third act of the book. we are discussing the scenes  and how each of us interpreted each scene. This discussion lasted 30 minutes and at the end the other half of the class who did not participate in our discussion gave us constructive feedback and good feedback.


Lannisters I, Act III SLD WEB-1

This is a picture of something we call a word web. It is used to mark whenever someone speaks to another student or makes a statement about the discussion. All the lines represent whenever someone talks. If you have a lot of lines it means you need to work on listening and if you have very few lines you need to work on talking.


My evaluation of The Student Led


During the class discussion I think that I had some valuable points that I made so I think I spoke quite well. I also made an attempt to bring Manya into the discussion which I think was good.

There are two parts to communicating; Talking and listening. I think that the part I most need to improve on is listening because from looking at the word web I can see that I spoke too much so I need to improve on listening to other people and not just talking all the time.

I also think that when I tried to bring Manya into the discussion it was quite an obvious attempt. Next time I think that if I were to do that again I need to be less obvious.

studying literature in this







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