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French – School Presentation Reflection.

In my opinion I did quite well on this presentation. I think I demonstrated my range of vocabulary well and I made few mistakes. Other than saying there were 5000 student in IICS and saying Cross-Country instead of le course a pied, I don’t think I made many language/grammatical errors.

I really enjoyed making and doing this presentation. I think I performed well.

Criteria C

  • Understanding/interaction: How well do you respond to stimuli and surprise questions?
  • Message: How well do you express your ideas and feelings?

In my opinion I expressed my opinions well as I explained about how I felt about different things throughout the presentation.

  • Context: Do you adapt your language depending on what you are writing/ saying and who to?

Throughout the presentation, I used many different pronouns, and when using them, I conjugated correctly. I don’t think I made many grammatical mistakes for this part.

Criteria D

  • Organization: Do you organize and link your ideas?  

I used many different connecters, but in future, I need to use a wider range of them. I linked my ideas well but as I said before, I need to use a wider range of connecters.

  • Language: Do you use appropriate vocabulary and correct verbs?

I think I used quite a wide range of vocabulary and many different verb. I don’t think I incorrectly conjugated many verbs. I used many different negatives and tenses throughout my presentation.

  • How clear is your speech?

I think my speech was a little bit to rough at times as I really needed some water. But overall I don’t think it impeded the listeners understanding.



One Thought on “French – School Presentation Reflection.

  1. juliab on March 13, 2015 at 11:47 am said:

    Rachael ton presentation est très bien. Mais tu dois parler sur l’école en France. C’est bien que tu donnes les photos de l’école. Au lieu de quatre saison seulement tu as besoin de trois saison. L’automne, l’hiver et le printemps. Tu peux faire un slide pour l’école maternelle, l’école primaire et l’école secondaire.

    Mais ta présentation est très fantastique!

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