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Réflection Unité 2

Réfection fur chaque évaluation.

Qu’est – ce que tu as bien fait?
Qu’est – ce que tu pouvais améliore?

Critère A : – Comprehending spoken and visual text
I listened and understood mostly everything from the video
I understood most of the questions, but as the people in the video were talking so quickly, it was hard to understand and answer the questions.
In order to improve, next time i will slow down and listen to the video more closely and I will try to understand the answers to the questions better.

Critère B : Comprehending written and visual text :
I understood the questions, I just and a problem when I went to reply. I made lots of silly mistakes and this is something I need to fix. To improve for next time, I will do some extra exercises which madame Chotard will give me and this will help me bring up my grade. I will also make sure that I know my vocabulary 100% and hopefully, next time we have a test, I will improve a lot.

Critère C : – comprehending written and visual text
I understood the stimulus, and I understood what we needed to write about. Yet when i went to write it, i found that the topic I had chosen was good but i didn’t go into enough detail so it was hard for the reader to understand what i was talking about in places. So in future I need to go into further detail to demonstrate my understanding of the topic.

Critère D : using language in spoken and written form.

When I was responding to the email, I chose a good topic, but I did not go into enough detail when responding. In future I need to find a topic which I have a good amount of vabulary to use for, and I need to go into more detail when discuassing it.

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