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Article Questions:

Why did European Nations compete for over seas empires during the early 1900’s?

The European Nations competed for over seas empires during the early 1900’s because the different empires wanted power and to be in control of more land. With power comes money so they also wanted to become rich. The Europeans were competing for more land, Gold and glory.

The more territories you had the more things you could trade and you could also trade from many different places. So they also wanted things to trade and ports to trade from. 

How did the imperialists gain control of Africa?

The imperialists gained control of Africa, by conquering different colonies. There were over 700 regions with different languages and cultures and the europeans just basically walked in and said: look guys we are taking your land wether you like it or not! 

The Europeans had better weapons then the African people because they had developed all of this technology that the African people had never heard of. So when the Europeans wanted a piece of land, the would come in with these guns and just shoot them down and take over. 

How did the British come to dominate South Asia?

The British people conquered South Asia more by accident then on purpose. When all the other European empires were fighting over Africa, Britian managed to conquer modern day: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma. After the Mughal Dynisty collapsed, India was left cut up into little pieces, with princes ruling over each little part. So The British then came in and the British – East Asia Trading company saw room to expand and they then took over india. 

How did European Imperialism affect China? 

European Imperialism affected China in a negative way because China didn’t want to trade with other countries so the British smuggled things into China. The Chinese weren’t happy about this and it lead to the opium war. When the Chinese were defeated easily, it was a sort of signal that they were weak and easily conquered. 

Therefore other empires started to invade and take over various Chinese territories. Some Chinese people wanted to modernise EG. guns, new technology… but the in order to keep control, the British supported the existing methods. The United States, opposed to the imperialism of China and created a campaign called the Open Door, which was there to protect China’s interests. The campaign was crushed by troops but the U.S still opposed to the imperialism of China. China was now hopeful for new leaders.  

How did Japan react to European imperialism? 

 Japan reacted well to European imperialism. First of all Japan had isolated itself form everywhere else in the world but that ended when the U.S sent over a fleet of ships with Mathew Perry, and basically forced the Japanese to sign the very unfair treaty. Then after this other countries, began making Japan sign un fair treaty of their own. Japan had had enough they decided to modernise. With the help of the British and the Germans, they managed to modernise the country in just thirty years. 

Now they had guns, and all the latest technology. The unfair treaty went away because they became a fore to be reckoned with. 

How did imperialism develop in the western hemisphere?

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