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Mystery SLD-Reflection!

1. Did the Mystery SLD help your understanding of the genre of mystery or literature in general? If so, how? If no, why not? 

The Mystery SLD did help me with my understanding of the genre of mystery. It helped me understand the different elements of mystery fiction and how they are important to the different parts of a book and it also helped to hear different peoples perspective on the elements of mystery fiction.
2. How would you change this activity to better fit the course needs? Would you have it over just one reading? Your own book? Be specific please.

I would change this activity so that we had a question we were trying to answer by the end of the discussion and that would give the activity more of a purpose, because sometimes we talked ourselves in circles and the discussion became off topic.
3. What did you think of the google form for feedback? Did you like the Hangout chat you were able to have during the discussion? What other activities could we use to better engage those who are watching the discussion?

I thought that the google form wasn’t great for feedback I think a sheet would be better because the things on the form kept on getting deleted. I also think that the hangout chat we had was helpful because we could talk about the other group without making any noise while the others were having their discussion.

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