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Romeo and Juliet: Analytical Essay!

  1. Were you able to use the writing process (different due dates for different parts of the essay leading up to the final) to your advantage? In other words, did the different smaller assignments help you organize your writing and turn in a better final draft? Why or why not?

I was able to use the writing process to my advantage because it gave me something to work towards and I knew if I got each certain thing in on the different due dates I would definitely be on track for the end dat submission.

2.Did you find the peer editing process valuable? Why or why not?

I did find the peer editing quite useful and valuable because this peer editing allowed me to see where some of my mistakes were or advice given by other people to improve upon. If we had not done the peer editing I think that we would have all suffered and gotten a worse grade than we did.

3.How will you utilize the specific feedback given to you to improve your writing next time?

The next time I get an essay to write I will make sure not to waffle on about irrelevant topics to the essay and make sure that i stay on topic. I will also shorten my introduction paragraph and I will make sure my conclusion statement is more convincing and ends my argument in a better way.




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